Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Between water and land

I got it in my head the other day to watch Lady in the water again, made in 2006.
It's not a great title, and it is a little bit cheesey but really quite beautiful.
It a tale about a sea nymph/mermaid who comes to awaken inspiration in an individual, and finds it hard to return home.
It differs a little from your standard mermaid movie, although she is a sea nymph there are no fish tails or seashell pasties.
It's a tale about feminine powers and inspiration, about innocence, subtlety, beauty, vulnerability and togetherness.
The soundtrack is also very atmospheric and wondrous.
Its a bit slow to begin with but it creeps up on you, do watch if you haven't already!

Every girl is a mermaid, wet and longing on the inside,
like the ocean reaching out to caress the shore

BTW prints of the painting  I did in June last year called Escenta are available here
"The outcome of Narwhal sperm and Mermaid eggs mixing in the white foam of the ocean, she makes pearls for her lovers"

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