Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strawberry Mothers Milk

 'Strawberry Mothers Milk' is a small solo exhibition which will be held today at 6pm at Auguste Clown Gallery , Australia's leading Pop Surrealist Gallery.
Initially it was booked in with another Gallery who found some of the works to be too 'sexually explicit' and could not guarantee they would be hung, I thought this was ridiculous and made a little statement regarding the matter on my Facebook ArtPage

“Thematically, I was interested in exploring spiritual and esoteric personal experiences from a feminine perspective. I have drawn inspiration from my past, as well as biology, and the sexual connection we as women have to nature, such as the synchronicity of our menstrual cycle to the phases of the moon. My piece ‘Rite of Passage’ is my own personal commentary on suburban pubescent psycho-tropic initiations and coming of age. Some of my pieces were inspired by religious iconography and the pseudo-symbology and reverence surrounding them. I like the aesthetics of religious icons, and I’m interested in how the female body is revered and falsely understood and appropriated in religious symbolism. I wanted to explore the juxtaposition between pagan and catholic religious symbols.
‘Strawberry Mothers Milk’ is the conceptual unity of the woman & girl that resides in all females. A girl who drinks strawberry milk and a woman who has the biological means to breast feed milk to her child are not so different. We are both girl and woman, and it’s the creative expression of the sexual and spiritual journey that interests me”


Milk Petals

Worship only the Moon

You can see the rest online at Auguste Clown

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