Friday, May 4, 2012

Hasbro's My Little Pony Project 2012

This Saturday at the Toy Art Gallery in LA Hasbro will debut it's My Little Pony project 2012.
I'm thrilled to be a participant! The exhibition will feature 18" customised ponies from an array of international artists, along with fine art. 
My Piece is titled 'Deja Deja Deja Vu' and depicts a young Princess Celestia 

"My Little Pony project 2012 is a three week celebration of the iconic toys that we have known and come to love since 1983. Events include movie screenings, pop-up shops, a meet and greet some of TV Hub's special guests, family day & a scavenger hunt.
For more information on the My Little Pony project 2012 visit Sweet Streets"

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Mandy Cowell said...

Thats amazing, so cute. i want one!!