Monday, August 29, 2011

Ekstasy - Interp of Nina Hagen album cover

This is my piece for the Rock 'N' Dolls show at the MondoPOP group exhibition in Roma Italy.
I made a few alterations from the original such as the angle of the head and lighting.
I normally don't work with such bright POPish colours but I think I pulled it off well good


The exhibition’s theme is related to strong women, reinterpreted characters in the Pop Surrealism art current with various attitudes: childish, rock, tattoo, creepy, and so on.
Rock as a musical style that has always influenced the artists of this current, born in California in the middle of the of post-punk revolution. Dolls such as the dreamy aesthetic, stolen from the imagery of B-movies, that has always been a reference point for those who love the Lowbrow art.

Emerging artists and important members of the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist currents meet as usual @MondoPOP.

Suicide girls, groupies, ladies and dolls, wonderful protagonists at the MondoPOP Gallery, Rome.

MondoPOP Gallery, in its fifth years of activity is a point of reference for collectors, fans and experts of Urban, Street art, Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism currents

An extraordinary exhibition on Arty-Riot grrrls of our times.

With the art of:
Glenn Barr, David Cook, DolceQ, Camilla D'Errico, Lori Earley, Maria Rozalia Finna, Dean Fleming, Diav├╣, Jamie Hewlett, Bethany Marchman, Morg, Ombrascura, Paolo Pedroni, Lisa Petrucci, Raudiel, Italia Ruotolo, Paola Sala, Isabel Samaras, Mijn Schatje, Tokidoki + many more

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