Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexican Surrealism and Psycho Tropo!

My next Exhibition will be held at 19 Karen Gallery and it is a Tribute to Frida. My colour pallet has taken on some very bright and botanic colours I wouldn't normally use. I started to draw Frida in a realistic way and then became very bored with the idea of it, I am not one for realism, why not just take a photocopy or a picture if you want to mimic the world, not my idea of a good time. It took me some time but I put myself into Frida and made her really one of 'my' characters, with full respect to the woman, her trials, tribulations and accomplishments. 
I do relate to her, culturally, we are both half Latin, half Hungarian and come from a very political background which accounts for something.

Through out the process  I have also been listening to a lot of the Beach Boys and Harry Belefonte, he really reflects the crazy or 'Psychotropical' weather we have been having here in Melbourne, which reminds me a little of growing up in the  tropics of  far north QLD.

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