Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cruelty Free Art & Life

I thought I'd just leave some links and information on some local organizations that are good resources for cruelty free living. I have been vegan since aprox 1998,  I'd say I was vegetarian 5% of that time.
I do not eat or drink anything that contains animal products or has been processed using animal products. I do not wear leather, fur, silk or any other fabric used from animal exploitation. I do set my own standards, some people are ok with second hand leather - I personally just don't like it but I'm ok with second hand wool.
Most importantly to me is being cosmetically cruelty free. The idea that girls who think bunny rabbits and other little pets are cute - but don't have a problem with wearing products that are tested by torture and death of those same animals - makes my blood run cold. It's the worst sort or evil - the sort that you wash your hands of because it's out of your sight and you don't have to deal with it.
I don't really talk about my life choice as a vegan unless it somehow is brought up, as it can be confronting for individuals that lead lifestyles that are based around misery and torture to react to if I go into my reasoning, so I generally avoid it. People need to make their own choices.
Having said that - any friend of animals is a friend of mine!
Here are some links to information from local resources regarding cruelty free products -

If the back of a cosmetic product is not labeled- it's tested on animals

Choose Cruelty Free - has a lot of information on cosmetics, fashion as well as lifestyle

Animals Australia Unleashed is also an awesome website, especially it's forum that is full of information about lifestyle, cosmetics, clothes, food - anything you can think of you can surely find some information and connect with its friendly community! 
The Ethical Consumer Guide is a great resource that can help you with everyday products like sticky tape, pencils, stationary etc   
As an artist I also work as a vegan, not using brushes that are made from animal hair or other materials that use animal products 
Facebook page for Vegan and Vegetarian Artists  and here is a list of some art materials to avoid
I also thought I'd leave a couple of links to some of my favourite cruelty free cosmetics -

Lime Crime has bright vibrant poppin' lipstick and eye shadow colours, it's one of my favourites, they have awesome pink cases with holographic unicorns on them too!!

 Sugarpill is also very vibrant and well priced, with great loose and pressed eye shadows & lashes, as well as video makeup tutorials

Or locally Australis is always a winner!!
It's at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and Target stores and it's well priced, with a variety of products and colours

Do Not Go to the BodyShop , It is owned by Loreal who do test on animals
Lastly I generally avoid buying anything that is made in any asian countries, as there have been many instances of mislabeling , therefore I simply do not trust that the 'not tested on animals' label is not a misrepresentation of the truth
Happy shopping and loving the animals of the world!!! 

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